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See our reviews and evaluations from TRAX customers and leave your own evaluation.

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Five Star Rated
TRAX Disco Roadshow - Derby Wedding DJ for hire at Entertainers Worldwide

I started TRAX Disco Roadshow to give clients suitable options at a great price, and we may not be the cheapest or the most expensive. Still, I believe that we offer better value for money than anyone else.

TRAX Disco Packages are affordable to most people without compromising the quality.
Some people are happy with a standard light show. Others may want a more significant, more impressive performance using the latest LED Laser lighting effects.

We provide only experienced DJ's that know how to make your event unique and memorable. The DJ industry attracts many part-time operators who work for a beer or something to do at the weekend. Unfortunately, many are inexperienced and use out of date unreliable second-hand equipment. You book a full-time professional DJ with over 30 years of experience and a Gold DJ Mark Award Holder when you book me.

I am passionate about my business and constantly invest in up-to-date and better equipment, training, and music to give you the best experience. Wedding's are probably the most challenging events with the different age groups and knowledge of music required. So if you are looking for the cheapest, we are probably not for you.

Although we are not the most expensive, we give fantastic value for money for those who want a top-class quality event and appreciate that this job requires skill and is not something anyone can do.